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60-61 Corvette Fuel Injection Unit
Thisis afully professionally restored Rochester Fuel Injection Unit for a 1960-61 Corvette.
Chuck Smith RUNNING UNIT. also includes the air meter steel adapter as shown.
Distributor #1110914 distributor data plate (they are dated) can be changed for your 59-61 vette to be correct -it screws on.
Unit #7017320 sn/ 1569 on this unit tag (sn to unit had no particular sequence) . with Intake Manifold restored .
Rebuilt and test run with video on youtube :::: search under::: cranescorvette
This unit restored by tested run on the Chevy engine by Chuck
Smith and tuned and runs great.

Includes Cranes Exact replica Steel air cleaner box with element and correct 914 distributor.
TEST RUN BY THE GREAT Chuck Smith in Valley Center calif. just ---- test run 3 weeks ago
and the fuel was drained out after
and the Video is on youtube under
cranescorvette ---
-------- you can see it being test run
and the detailed unit live on Youtube. Thankyou


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