61-62 Corvette Convertible Soft Top Frame (Hardtop Only Conv)

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61-62 Corvette Convertible Soft Top Frame

To convert a hard top only  "Born" Corvette --   includes Everything for accurate installation.  This is the all inclusive kit of Everything to convert a  hard top only (born) Corvette to a 2 Top Corvette.  6 piece mounting plate  kit and front and rear latches etc. INcluding the new Vinyl top-pads-straps kit (white or black).......... refer to photos

  This 61-62 Corvette Convertible Soft Top Frame is made to original GM OEM Supplier Blueprints.  Convertible Soft Top Frame fits exactly like original.  Correct notched rear bow for 61-62 Corvette.  Includes rear trapeze swing latches, front fasteners, front pins, 7 piece weather strip steel retainer set.

Restoring an original soft top frame is an expensive matter.  Replacing over 20 bushings, rivets, and rusty bows to make them operate tight again.  So save the head ache and buy a brand new Soft Top Frame made to original GM Blueprints.