63-67 Corvette Harrison Aluminum Radiator

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63-67 Corvette Harris Aluminum Radiator

This New Harrison radiator comes fully detailed with White inspection stamp, Harrison decal,  part number and date code of your choice and it was a Huge Breakthru in Technology when it went into production  1963 Corvettes and was used exclusively on all Small block Corvettes thru 1967 production . Starting in 1968 it was also used on  small block Corvettes that were equipped with a manual transmission and "without "air conditioning thru 1972 production.   They can be dated to match you Corvette --  allow  3 to 6 days  for dating and detailing to be done and dry before shipping.   Professionally packed and shipped. 

This radiator is reproduced to appear 100% original in every detail and is licensed by General Motors Corporation. Considered a high performance radiator, it was standard equipment for 365 HP engines and cars with air conditioning as well as all other small block corvettes. Independent testing has shown that this radiator will out perform a brass replacement radiator by almost 30%. It is 100% furnace brazed, which means you will not see any heli-arc welding at all.

The part number (3155316) is stamped into the top left of the radiator and the date code is just below the part number. 4600 BTU rated.