67-69 Corvette 3659 MAIN BODY NO DATE Holley Carburetor 427/400hp or 427/435hp

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  1967-69 Corvette 3659Tri-PowerHolley MAIN BODY ONLY  FOR Carburetor

This is a brand new  MAIN BODY ONLY 

tri-power end (secondary) carburetor for 67-69 Corvette 427/400hp or 427/435hp with 4-speed trans.  Made exactly like original, NO DATE STAMP 

DATE STAMPING IS AVAILABLE TO MATCH YOUR CAR FOR $110.   PLEASE CALL FOR MORE INFO.  REFER TO PHOTOS FOR SAMPLE OF STAMPING SERVICE.  Stamps are structured with three digits.  the first designating year, second designating month, third designating week.  Month has one digit so for Oct they used a 0,  Nov used A, and Dec used B.