68-69 Corvette F-41 SHOCKS shock absorber 3X2 427 435 L88 heavy duty big block

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1968-69 Corvette F-41 HD Shocks
This is a set of rebuilt original F-41 shocks.
a few other dates available.
This set is for an early 1969 corvette
The fronts are CLOSELY MATCHED TO THE REARS. dated 233-68 (233 rd day of 68) approx. August 20th date.
The rears are dated 8D68 (4th week of Aug. 68) a late August date.
Dates would be good for September, October 68 thru March '69 Corvette. Judging allows about 6 months from car build.
The bottoms have some minor pitting but have been cleaned and painted- and are very nice.
Rebuilt/Tested by retired Bilstein suspension Engineer. re-Welded and nurled
per original factory look. new seals and shaft, these are single action
and very stiff on the rebound as per original Factory specifications.
A few other dates are available. We just added an Early and late 68 set. and mid-69 set.
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