68-69 Corvette Stingray Guidebook

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1968-69 Stingray Guidebook by Rick Bizzoco

NEWS BITS, All Chevy Magazine, JUNE 1995


Consider this book everything you ever wanted to know about the '69 Corvette Stingray. Author Rick Bizzoco has collected a staggering amount of authentic factory photos and period photos, as well as copies of factory paperwork and assembly line tags, to graphically illustrate the history of this particular period in Corvette history.

For the restorer, this is a wealth of information. In many instances, Bizzoco has uncovered previously unknown or unpublished lists of tire codes, battery codes, headlamp codes and axle codes, just to name a few. Within the pages, original photos depict the minute, mid-year updates implemented throughout the production year, as well as serving as a spotter's guide to identify the differences between '69 and '68 and 1970 models.

"Guidebook" also examines the assembly process of the '69 Corvette, including the preparation and construction of the fiberglass body. Assembly line photos are also complemented with sidebars of the weekly production numbers throughout the model year.

The thoroughness of Bizzoco's work is impressive. Part numbers for rivets are included along with not only the identification numbers for original headlamps, but the texture of the headlamp's glass. Some people may balk at the cover price, but if you're contemplating a serious Corvette restoration, this 220-page collection of photos, codes and ID numbers could save you more in the long run. We recommend this book as a worthy reference to any serious Chevy enthusiast's library..