68 Corvette TRI-POWER SMOG SYSTEM COMPLETE 427 400 air injection reaction 3x2

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1968 Corvette Smog System
This 427 400hp and 435 Tripower System includes everything shown with Restored re-plated 28296 diverter valve ,
This system pictured
includes new smog rails Manufactured by Crane's corvettes, Very similar to 390HP and L88 call Crane's
restored/replated gold zinc #992 check valves,
rebuilt Pump look like NOS new from factory after refinishing in the Vibro etch tumbling Tank.
with new milky white fan,
3925522 deep groove big block 68-73 pulley,
hoses, adjusting brace, mounting bracket, insert tubes,
tower clamps, bolts, as shown.
We have a large assortment rebuilt smog pumps with wide range of
dates /system 1966-75 available to match your car. For dates contact us using the information below.

Inventory of stock varies from day to day. Dueto phone sales and walk in status some items might be on back orderfrom time to time. If this occurs we will notify you of the problem ASAP. We offer combine shipping on multiple items that will ship in the same box.Size and weight will determine the shipping cost.

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