70-71 Corvette Big Block Valve Covers

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70-71 Corvette Big Block Valve Covers

    These are the perfect, correct reproduction Valve Covers that you'll see on all the NCRS and National Judging cars.  Made from the GM type tooling.  Drip rails were installed using Projection welding process like factory, leaving small dimples on the surface of the valve cover.  Correct "Smashed" corner to accommodate power brake booster, there are four designs of power brake corners, we make them all.   These feature: the  Flange edge has correct z-shape.  These parts are exact to original part and have received excellent feedback from National Judges= full credit   for the last 20 years =.
    These are not the Chinese Imports.  The Chinese Imports have incorrect flanges, no dimples or no drip rail upraised  bumps for that matter, and poor clearance between valve covers and screws making it a challenge to install these parts and the baffle is mis-located causing many owners $$$costly rocker arm  wear by dropping metal particle chips  distributed in their engines - resulting in pre-mature engine loss in some very costly $7k to 20 k $ done built and installed   engines.  

    If you want the Correct  Valve Covers  for your show car or just quality American made parts for you car.  This is the part you've been looking for.