71 Corvette #3963569 Intake Manifold LS6 454/425hp

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1970-71 Chevelle Corvette 569 Intake LS6 L78

This is a brand new exact reproduction #3963569 Intake Manifold for Corvette, Chevelle, Nova, Camaro, and Monte Carlo.  Used on LS6 454 and L78 402 engines in 1970-71.  Correct in every detail.

   1970 L78 or LS6
Nova 402/375hp
      Chevelle 402/375hp and 454/450hp
      Camaro 402/375hp
      Monte Carlo 454/450hp (unverified)
   1971 LS6
      Corvette 454/425hp
      Chevelle 454/425hp
      Monte Carlo 454/425hp (unverified)